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purchase agreement

A purchase agreement is a legal agreement which lays down the terms and conditions related to the sale of goods. It is used to create a legally binding agreement between the buyer and the seller. Another important thing regarding these agreements is that they are related to the sale of goods rather than services.  A purchasing contract can be used to seal a deal which can cover the transactions for the sale of nearly every type of goods. There are some essential terms for a purchasing agreement to be binding. These terms have been noted below: -The parties should be capable or should have the legal capability to form a contract. -Subject matter of the agreement should be legal as well as valid. -Mutual consideration is also essential. -The parties should reach an agreement through offer and acceptance.
Most common examples of the purchase agreements are found in the telecommunications industry. If a consumer purchases several communication packages, in which case the agreement formed is k…

compensation and employee motivation

A plethora of research has accumulated over the past few decades that indicate that there is an important relationship between compensation and employee motivation as well performance.  A great compensation plan is essential to the keep the employees motivated as well as to manage their performance. Overall, compensation is critical to high productivity and sooner or later most organizations realize it that employee satisfaction is important. Employee satisfaction means great employee performance as well as high organizational productivity. However, there is a critical link between compensation and employee motivation. While organizations have started focusing on managing their human resources in a manner so as to  help them give their best, the criticality of compensation in this regard  gave rise to the need for hiring compensation and benefits managers who could design suitable  compensation and benefits programs  for the organization. Significant planning goes into compensation an…

Patient education

Patient education can be understood as the process through which a patient comes to understand his physical condition as well as self-care. What patient education aims to achieve is that the patient gains a good understanding of his health status and is able to make proper healthcare decisions as well as adjust his behavior as required to gain optimal health. Effective patient education also provides several benefits that include increase in patient satisfaction, better quality of care, decreased anxiety and complications as well as increased independence and empowerment. Patient education does not mean simple communication between the nurse and patient where the nurse tells the patient how to take the pills when he is discharged. It is a method through which the nurse can effectively assist and improve the patient’s ability to provide self-care. In this regard the nurses have a very important role to play as they are in a significant position to affect the lives of the patients by pr…