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Value chain analysis

Value chain analysis is a great tool to know how businesses create value. Businesses create value by adding value to the raw materials and then making them worth use for the customers. There are several processes involved from the input to the output stage and mid way there can also be several participants involved. the focus of the porter's value chain is on systems and how inputs are changed into outputs before they are purchased by the customers. Porter created the value chain and divided the activities in the value chain into two categories mainly: these activities are primary and support activities.
Primary activities:
Inbound logistics: Processes related to raw inputs. These include receiving raw material, storage and distribution of inputs.
Operations: Activities that convert the input to output.
 Outbound logistics: Activities in the delivery of the products to the customers' doors.
Marketing and sales: Communicating the benefits of the product.
Service: Activities th…


Undoubtedly, some things are not going to change about India and Indian army. The social media video posted by BSF soldier TejBahadur Yadav, shows that the top officials in the public institutions are  behaving more or less like rulers. This video shows nothing but the poor condition of management inside the public institutions including BSF. A jawan subjected to 11 hours of work is going to feel the winter chill harder. Now, the quality of food shown in the video .. I do not know what to say about it. I am not an expert at it. There is no need for exaggeration. Tasks like the ones these jawans are required to fulfill are demanding physically and emotionally. You can imagine the kind of physical and emotional stress Tej Bahadur Yadav must have been subjected to before he knew he would have to ask people for help. If the army officials were willing to hear, the condition would not have been as poor. 11 hours of work... perhaps officials can rest inside their hot quarters in peace only…

Mission and Vision statements

The mission and vision statements are important for all brands.  Whether it is a small brand or a big brand each one has a mission and a vision. A mission is like the objective of the business. It is what mission the  business serves. Businesses do not exist without purpose. However, profits are not their sole purpose. They are also here for the betterment of the society and its service. The products or services they make also help people with so may things in life. Several of the big brands have quite elaborate mission statements like Pepsi or Coca Cola.  A vision is associated with the brand's future. It spells out where the brand expects to be in the future. Having a vision statement helps brands know where they are and how they can reach the desired positions in future. The mission and vision statements generally talk of the products and services these brands produce as well as their customers, their employees and in many cases about their social responsibility too. For example …