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Why large companies like coca cola spend on advertising

There are two main reasons why Coca Cola invests as much in marketing and promotions. First of all, it is the competition from Pepsi, its leading rival that Coca Cola invests so much in marketing. Next is brand recognition. Coca Cola continuously strives to drive its brand recognition higher which is also a source of competitive advantage for it. These are the two main reasons. Apart from that, the company runs seasonal campaigns and invests in advertising (both online and offline to drive sales and revenue). Moreover, advertising is important for branding purposes too and has helped Coca Cola establish itself as a distinct brand with a unique identity in the global market. In the case of both Coca Cola and Pepsi, advertising is not just to drive sales but to grow their overall influence in the global soda industry. The two spend comparable sums on marketing each year. Most of it is spent on advertising and promotions.

Google site kit - a multipurpose plugin by Google

Google site kit is a multipurpose plugin by Google[1] for Wordpress bloggers. It includes four main functionalities - Adsense, analytics, pagespeed and search console. You do not need to use a separate analytics plugin . The benefits of all these features are included in one. Integration is also very easy since you can set permissions using your linked gmail account. It can improve loading speed because you do not need to add analytics code manually and it does not slow down your site like other analytics plugin. Now that the plugin is released, you can install it from the plugins section in Wordpress like any other plugin. Footnotes
[1] Site Kit by Google Wordpress Plugin : A Brief Review

India is the second largest market of domino's pizza

Definitely, Domino’s Pizza became a major success in India, unlike most other nations where it tried to establish its business. In India, Domino’s Pizza was introduced by Jubilant food works. However, apart from marketing and quality, there are some cultural reasons too that led to its success in India. Some of it was because of the demographic changes as well as the Indian market opening itself to foreign businesses. However, the most important thing is how it gained importance and grew in India. Its market penetration strategy was based on the promise of 30 minutes or free which worked quite well in India because customers here love freebies. This model did not work so well in other markets but helped Domino’s find growth very fast in India. So, the real difference is about the population, cultural factors, and consumer demographics. A large customer base for Domino’s products existed in India. Moreover, the concept of home delivery was new to the Indian market. It was something tha…

Tesla value chain analysis

Tesla is a US-based automobile company that makes fully electric cars and a wide range of other energy products that help individuals and businesses reduce their carbon footprint through the use of renewable sources of energy. Elon Musk is the CEO of Tesla. Its headquarters are in Palo Alto, California, United States. In 2019, Tesla experienced a sharp rise in vehicle sales and revenue. This happened following the release of its most affordable car model — model 3. Otherwise, it only sold luxury car models. The company is well known for its focus on innovation. Tesla cars are loaded with several smart technological features including autonomous driving technology and several more security features. The company strives to provide its customers pollution-free and unique while also a luxurious driving experience. Tesla has managed its supply chain and production network very well. China is a strategically important market where the demand for Tesla products has grown. The company is opti…

Pros and cons of email marketing

There are several pros associated with email marketing. Some of them are listed below: Cost-effective: You do not need to make a huge investment. Flexible: You have several design choices and can include images, graphics everything. Not time consuming: Sending emails does not take a lot of time. Not so intrusive: Unless you are planning to flood your readers’ accounts with emails, it is not intrusive compared to phone marketing or digital advertising. Scalable: You can send to thousands of people or just a few depending upon your needs. Real-time: You can promote offers in real-time through email. Automated: Ecommerce brands use automated emails for serving their customers. Email marketing is considered an effective digital marketing tool. However, there are certain drawbacks you need to keep in mind before you do email marketing. Otherwise, it is a highly cost-effective and flexible marketing tool that is a favorite of marketers and e-commerce brands around the world. The leading dr…

EDLP Pricing: Competitive Advantage for Walmart

The largest physical retail brand in the US, Walmart has a global store network of more than 11,300 stores of which 5,355 stores are located in the US alone (2019). The brand is present in 27 countries serving its customers under 58 banners. The main factors driving the popularity of Walmart are the lower prices and the large range of products it sells. In 2019, Walmart acquired the e-commerce brand Flipkart to strengthen its presence in the Indian market. The net e-commerce revenue of the company during the fiscal year 2019 reached $25.1 billion. However, the leading source of Walmart’s competitive advantage in the global markets is its pricing strategy. The mission of Walmart is to “save people money, so they can live better” and its pricing strategy is aimed to maximize savings for its customers. EDLP Strategy. Behind the enormous growth of Walmart and its success is its pricing strategy. The EDLP strategy means Everyday Low Prices. The company has been using this pricing strategy…