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Adidas swot analysis

                     Adidas SWOT Analysis 2017
Adidas recorded many critical achievements in 2016. However, the challenge from Nike is tough and Adidas would need to sustain its recent performance. Here is a brief SWOT analysis highlighting its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Read on….
Brand image
Market presence
Growth through acquisition
Sponsorships and partnerships
Innovative marketing strategy:
Focus on product and design innovation
Great financial performance in 2016
Spur in marketing investment:
Tough competition from Nike resulting in customer retention related pressure
Product and design innovation
Increase in demand for athleisure products
Expanding in the emerging markets
Market dominance of Nike is the biggest threat
Political tensions and economic uncertainty arising from Brexit
Economic uncertainty in key markets
Over dependence on suppliers
Overall, 2016 was a quite successful year for Adidas and 2017 opened on a strong note. The brand’s financial performance has improved owing to its increased focus on marketing in the recent years.
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